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Conservation of automotive steering gear assembly to be then
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Use and routine maintenance, we should pay attention to the following points to extend the life of the direction of the machine:

's Uneven road, slow down, reducing the steering gear to withstand the load.

2. Often to check the state of the direction of the machine on both sides of the protective cover and the direction of the machine upper universal joint cross shaft protective sleeve. Sheath breakage of the most important factors that lead to the direction machine early wear and damage. Sheath is damaged, water and dust, sand through broken at entering the inside of the steering gear, destroy the film of grease rack and pinion Steering internal corrosion, such as abnormal wear phenomenon, if not immediately dispose of the water and sand of the internal In the short term it will cause the direction of the machine scrapped. So at least monthly checks the state of the dust jacket, sheath damaged phenomenon must be immediately replaced, and the replacement of the direction of the machine to do a comprehensive inspection and maintenance.

Do wheel alignment adjustment beam steering rod change, pay special attention to the protective sleeve can not be distorted, and the assembly is not in place, otherwise it will cause damage to the sheath.

4 due to the use of grease will gradually become dirty, bad, so lubrication capacity decreased; wear substances will be gradually increased, abrasive wear phenomenon will be more and more important, the increased wear and tear of the direction of the machine. Each traveling direction of the machine to do a comprehensive maintenance and comprehensive cleaning, re-greasing cope with about 100,000 km.

5. Harsh conditions of use of the direction of the machine, to bear the load must use special grease, ordinary grease reach requirements.

6. Direction machines in use in the gap will be gradually increased, on the direction of the machine must be checked if the left and right of the steering wheel more than 15 degrees of air travel, such as rack and pinion serious abnormal wear, assembly direction of the machine must be replaced; no abnormal wear, but the gap is too large, can be adjusted. The adjustment to the service station by trained professionals, and adjusted to ensure that the steering wheel can be left, right hit the limit position, force uniform, flexible rotation.

7 Do not be in a poorly equipped, low levels of technology, roadside shops for the care and maintenance of the machine direction. The direction of the machine, such as improper adjustment will cause stuck phenomenon, endangering traffic and personal safety

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