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Car maintenance of common sense
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Vehicle maintenance has two aspects, one is forced maintenance by the maintenance station for you. On the other hand is the owner for some of the day-to-day maintenance. The normal maintenance of the vehicle related to the life of the vehicle and the driver of the safety of passengers. Maintenance or improper use will lead to the failure of the vehicle, a security risk. In addition to the mandatory maintenance on time and to our repair station, own should also do routine maintenance work, the benefit of the vehicle "healthy". Hainan Mazda many users, have not yet seen the large fault is in good running condition, thanks to the meticulous routine maintenance on vehicles after 600,000 km.
The car Please carefully read the first vehicle with product quality guarantee and instruction manual, manual detailed precautions and maintenance methods, you should carefully read and follow the order to ensure that the vehicle is always is in a good state of use. Following is a brief about the vehicle's maintenance of common sense, I hope you can provide some help.
  Engine oil check
The vehicle is parked on a level road. Pull out the the vernier check the amount of oil, shiny (F) and (L) of the two markings, within the normal range, if less than (L) bits. You should add the specified type of oil, the liquid level in the refueling can not be higher than the The brake pads - brake pads to

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