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The brake pads - brake pads to
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Brake pads can directly reflect the braking effect is good or bad, the brake pads in automotive braking system is the most critical and the most direct part. Brake pads are generally constituted by the floor, bonding the thermal insulating layer and the friction layer, brake pads, the insulation layer is composed of a poor thermal conducting material and reinforcing material, the brake friction layer is the composition of the reinforcing material, a binder and a filler . General hydraulic the transmission brake caliper piston driven brake pads and brake disc or drum contact friction into heat, so as to achieve the deceleration role.

Brake pad replacement timing

The best time to replace brake pads, disc brakes, brake pads thickness can be used to step on the brake plate method to check the thickness of the brake pads on the brake shoe drum brake check will have to pull the brake shoe from the brake a. However, both the brake pads on the brake pads on the disc brakes or drum brakes, manufacturers require its thickness not less than 1.2mm, because through all of the actual measurements show that: 1.2mm before or after the brake pad wear The flaking faster. So owners should at this time or before the inspection and replacement of the brake pads on the brake vehicles in general, in the case of normal driving, the front brake pads brake life of 3-5 million km, the service life of the brake pads rear brake 12 - 150,000 km.

Replacing brake pads

We should first check whether to change brake pads genuine parts (ie ancillary products) logo on the product packaging integrity, security signs and packaging and labeling and brake pads are the same, whether the product model and match the content of the certificate. In lifting the vehicle before first bloom coverage of brake fluid open, tire screws coping angle loose. Ease of use jack support, jack support should be good, and reinforcement does not replace the brake pads wheels. Removing the tire, loosen the fastening screw clamp body, and check the screw clamp sliding guide rod, and clear above the sediment and oil and lubricate maintenance. Remove the old brake pads, check the brake disc wear, whether from the ditch from the bad. Serious wear and tear the (unilateral deep 3mm) should replace the brake disc, a period of 8-12 million kilometers, otherwise it will speed up the new replacement brake pads wear, braking direction of jitter, the braking force is too small.

It is worth noting: install new brake pads should distinguish between inside and outside, the friction surface of the brake pads should brake disc, the disc with the appropriate Well accessories, fastening clamp body. Before fastening clamp body, application tools (or special tools) will be pushed back to the bit of the clamp on the plug, in order to facilitate the clamp in place. If you need to replace the brake pads on the drum brake recommended professional maintenance plant professionals to operate, in order to avoid errors.

Installed brake, the tires should be reset. Install tire screws should angle fastening, this will help to protect the tire and brake wheels. Is also necessary to check the wear of the tread and the edge is normal, it is best left to the right two regular replacement use, it would be beneficial to extend the life of the tire. Finally, you need to check the brake fluid. Brake fluid should be changed regularly, add, should also ensure that the grades used in brake fluid and original brake fluid grade, it would be beneficial to clear the sludge dirt in the brake lines, brake more sensitive. Different brands of brake fluid mixed use, chemical changes occur, produce sludge and inorganic salts deposited in the braking system, nisseki month fruit, can clog the pipeline, resulting in brake failure, the consequences unimaginable.

In the car off the bit before the application of force empty the brakes until they feel the brakes return to the practical ideal state, before normal drove away from the place.

Conservation methods

Commonly known as brake pads, brake shoes belonging to the consumables will gradually wear in use, must be replaced when worn to the limit position, otherwise it will reduce the effect of the brake, and even cause accidents. The brake shoe related to the safety of life, must be treated with caution.

Under normal driving conditions, each traveling 5000 kilometers of the brake shoe check once only to check the remaining thickness, also check the state of wear of the shoe, whether the degree of wear on both sides of the same, whether the return freely, that unusual The situation must be dealt with immediately.

Brake shoe generally composed of two parts of iron linings and friction material, friction material part of grinding not only to replace the shoe must not wait. For example, the front brake shoe car Jetta (Gallery Forum), the thickness of the film is 14 mm, the replacement limit thickness 7 mm, including iron liner thickness of more than 3 mm and 4 mm thickness of the friction material. Some vehicles with brake shoe alarm function, once reached the wear limit, the instrument will alarm to replace the shoe. Shoe reach the limit must be replaced, even though still capable of use for some time, will reduce the braking effect of the impact of traffic safety.

3. Want to change the original spare parts replacement brake pads, the only way to make the best braking effect between the brake pads and brake discs, wear minimum. ¸

4. Replace the hoof films must use a dedicated tool brake Cylinder top back. Can not use other crowbar hard pressed back so easily lead to the brake caliper guide the screws bend, brake pads stuck.

5. Replacement after kicks must step on the brake, shoe brake disc to eliminate the gap, resulting in the first leg did not brake, prone to accidents.

Brake shoe replacement, the run-in of 200 kilometers as to achieve optimum braking effect, just for the shoe to be cautious driving

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